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First name: Joe
Last name: McDermott
Web site:
Department Name TitleStart DateEnd DateAppointed By
Board of Health Boardmember1/20/2011 12/31/2022  
Budget and Fiscal Management Committee Councilmember1/9/2020 12/31/2022  
Committee of the Whole Councilmember11/24/2010 12/31/2022  
Employment and Administration Committee Councilmember1/8/2020 12/31/2022  
Government Accountability and Oversight Committee Councilmember1/11/2022 12/31/2022  
King County Flood Control District Supervisor11/24/2010 12/31/2022  
King County Forecast Council Councilmember3/2/2022 12/31/2022  
Local Services and Land Use Committee Councilmember1/11/2022 12/31/2022  
Local Services Committee Councilmember1/5/2021 12/31/2022  
Metropolitan King County Council Councilmember11/24/2010 12/31/2022  
Mobility and Environment Committee Councilmember1/8/2019 12/31/2022  
Panel 1 – Housing and Homelessness; Behavioral Health; Fill the Gap Councilmember9/26/2022 11/18/2022  
Panel 2 – Climate & Environment; Invest in People Councilmember9/26/2022 11/18/2022  
Panel 3 – Support a Safe King County For Everyone Councilmember9/26/2022 11/18/2022  
Regional Transit Committee Councilmember1/7/2019 12/31/2022  
Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee Councilmember1/11/2022 12/31/2022