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File #: 2021-0399    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 10/19/2021 In control: Mobility and Environment Committee
On agenda: Final action: 11/2/2021
Enactment date: 11/12/2021 Enactment #: 19353
Title: AN ORDINANCE approving the grant funding allocation for the projects funded through the WaterWorks grant program, Round 5, in accordance with the 2021-2022 Biennial Budget Ordinance, Ordinance 19210, Section 112, and Ordinance 18261.
Sponsors: Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Indexes: Grants, Water Works
Attachments: 1. Ordinance 19353, 2. 2021-0399 transmittal letter, 3. 2021-0399 Appendix Memo - WaterWorks Grant Recommendations - Round 5, 4. 2021-0399 fiscal note, 5. 2021-0399 Legislative Review Form, 6. 2021-0399_AMD1A WaterWorks Amendment, 7. 2021-0399_RevisedSR_WaterWorks Grant Awards Project Recommendations, 8. 2021-0399 ATT4 WaterWorks Grant Recommendations Round 5, 9. 2021-0399 ATT6_District Projects Spreadsheet, 10. 2021-0399_ATT5 AMD1 WaterWorks Amendment, 11. 2021-0399_SR_WaterWorks Grant Awards Project Recommendations
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Clerk 10/27/2021


AN ORDINANCE approving the grant funding allocation for the projects funded through the WaterWorks grant program, Round 5, in accordance with the 2021-2022 Biennial Budget Ordinance, Ordinance 19210, Section 112, and Ordinance 18261.



1.  Ordinance 18031, Section 1, as amended by Ordinance 18261, Section 1, established the grant award criteria and process for the WaterWorks grant program in accordance with the 2015/2016 Biennial Budget Ordinance, Ordinance 17941, Section 110, Proviso P2.

2.  The 2021-2022 Biennial Budget Ordinance, Ordinance 19210, Section 112, appropriated funding for the WaterWorks grant program.

3.  Attachment A to Ordinance 18261 contains the implementation guidelines for the WaterWorks grant program, including the project criteria, eligibility, project selection process and administration of grants.  The implementation guidelines provide for a grant ranking committee to review, rank and recommend projects for funding and for the wastewater treatment division of the department of natural resources and parks to administer and staff the program.

4.  As described in Attachment A to Ordinance 18261, projects approved for funding must meet eligibility criteria for water quality improvements, and the grant ranking committee is to review, rank and recommend to the King County executive the projects to be approved for funding, based upon the eligibility criteria and ability of the applicants to demonstrate water quality benefits and implementation strength.

5.  The grant ranking committee convened twelve times in 2021 to review and rank grant proposals and has recommended funding for the projects listed in section 1 of this ordinance, based upon the eligibility criteria, water quality benefits and implementation strength.


                     SECTION 1.  The King County council authorizes the funding of WaterWorks projects for Round 5, 2021, totaling $2,400,262, as follows:

                     A.  Environmental Science Center: $100,000 for "From Salmon Heroes to Schoolyard Heroes: Water quality focused education for students and teachers";

                     B.  Tilth Alliance dba Seattle Tilth: $175,000 for "Rainier Beach Urban Wetlands and Water Quality Initiative";

                     C.  Seattle Parks Foundation, with Dirt Corps LLC: $75,000 for "Hamm Creek

Water Quality Improvement Through Paid Community Restoration Trainings";

                     D.  Stewardship Partners: $200,000 for "Equitable GSI Incentives for King County";

                     E.  City of Tukwila: $189,275 for "Stormwater Outfall Water Quality Retrofit Project";

                     F.  United Indians of All Tribes Foundation: $25,000 for "Labateyah Native Water Steward Interns";

                     G.  Environmental Coalition of South Seattle: $80,000 for "Environmental Stewards 2022-23";

                     H.  Seattle Parks Foundation, with Rainier Beach Link2Lake: $148,104 for "Mapes Creek and Estuarine Bay Riparian Improvements at CSO Outfall Site";

                     I.  Refugee Federation Service Center: $146,580 for "Refugee/Immigrant Communities Water Quality Education and Fish Sampling Project";

                     J.  Puget Soundkeeper: $87,600 for "Lost Urban Creeks Community Education and Revitalization Project 3";

                     K. Seattle Good Business Network: $124,798 for "Bridging Youth Workforce Development with Green Career and Water Quality Management Pathways";

                     L.  Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides: $40,000 for "Water Stewards Lake Washington: Promoting Chemical Free Pest Management to Improve Water Quality";

                     M.  Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust: $47,700 for "Equitable Green Opportunities for Youth in Highline";

                     N.  American Rivers: $143,950 for "Longfellow Creek Headwater Restoration at Roxhill Bog - Phase 3";

                     O.  Mini Mart City Park: $73,000 for "Mini Mart City Park Stormwater Infrastructure and Youth Training Program";

                     P.  Thornton Creek Alliance: $47,651 for "Thornton Creek Watershed Stormwater Cleaning Project on NE 110th Street (at 31st Ave NE)";

                     Q.  The Common Acre: $91,950 for "The Green Line";

                     R.  World Relief Seattle: $183,950 for "Hillside Parking Plots Community Garden: Developing Community-Based Water Quality Education Programs";

                     S.  King Conservation District: $165,000 for "Evaluating dry manure storage options for water quality protection across King County, WA";

                     T.  Northwest Maritime Center: $88,259 for "Maritime High School: Duwamish Water Quality and Community Action Program";

                     U.  Pacific Marine Research: $40,000 for "Marine Science Afloat/Remote";

                     V.  Sustainable Seattle, with Sea Potential LLC: $27,445 for "Rippling Effects: Dive into the intersections of Ocean Justice and Riparian Restoration";

                     W.  City of Pacific: $40,000 for "Pacific Meadows / Hansen PRD Wetland Enhancement"; and

                     X.  City of Mercer Island: $60,000 for "Luther Burbank Park South Shoreline and Trail Restoration."

                     SECTION 2.  The King County council authorizes funding of WaterWorks projects recommended by the council for Round 5, 2021, totaling $2,671,000, as follows:

                     A.  City of Woodinville:  $30,000 for "Lake Leota Water Quality Monitoring and Watershed Stewardship Program";

                     B.  Friends of North Creek Forest:  $10,000 for "Friends of North Creek Forest Environmental Education 2022";

                     C.  Lake City Collective:  $30,000 for "Little Brook Creek Stewardship Program";

                     D.  Sno-King Watershed Council:  $50,000 for "Sno-King Watershed Council Volunteer Water Monitoring and Bacterial DNA Research Project";

                     E.  Thornton Creek Alliance:  $12,500 for "Community-based Monitoring of Water Quality on Thornton Creek";

                     F.  City of Kirkland:  $37,500 for "Windsor Vista Park Riparian Restoration";

                     G.  Forterra:  $80,000 for "Thornton Creek Noxious Weeds Knockout Project";

                     H.  City of Kenmore:  $50,000 for "Squire's Landing Waterfront and Natural Area Access Project";

                     I.  Friends of Paramount:  $20,000 for "Conifer Capacity:  Establishing Urban Evergreen Forests to Increase Rainfall Interception";

                     J.  Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group:  $50,000 for "Lake City Floodplain Park Community Engagement and Design";

                     K.  Whale Scout:  $21,000for "Saving the Orcas One Drop at a Time";

                     L.  Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust:  $15,000 for "Little Bear Creek Ecological Restoration and Riparian Enhancement";

                     M.  Black Star Farmers:  $200,000 for "Rainier Valley Water Resiliency Project";

                     N.  Seattle Parks Foundation:  $85,000 for "Arboretum Creek-Supplemental Design";

                     O.  Bhutanese Community Resource Center:  $30,000 for "Educating Bhutanese Community on Water Quality and Waste Management";

                     P.  Sustainable Seattle:  $90,000 for "Cuidadores del Agua:  Monitoring Our Lower Duwamish Waterway and Empowering Youth";

                     Q.  Long Live the Kings:  $40,000 for "A Healthy Ship Canal to Save Salmon";

                     R.  Stewardship Partners:  $50,000 for "Expanding Green Infrastructure in the City of Carnation";

                     S.  Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group:  $25,000 for "GSI for Salmon-Keep it Simple Farm Property";

                     T.  City of Issaquah:  $40,000 for "Issaquah Creek Watershed Bacteria Study";

                     U.  Lake Advocates:  $35,000 for "Testing the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Monitoring and Management of Harmful Algal Blooms";

                     V.  Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery:  $35,000 for "FISH Education and Outreach Program";

                     W.  Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust:  $30,000 for "Ecological Restoration at Lake Sammamish";

                     X.  University of Washington Green Futures Research and Design:  $161,000 for "Sweetgrass Marine Living Shoreline Demonstration and Research Prototypes";

                     Y.  Seattle 2030 District:  $161,000 for "2030 District United for Water Quality at South Lake Union";

                     Z.  City of Kent:  $150,000 for "Lake Fenwick Alum Treatment";

                     AA.  World Relief Seattle:  $43,250 for "Expanding Rainwater Catchment and Community Education Work at Paradise Parking Plots";

                     BB.  Environmental Science Center:  $52,000 for "Environmental Heroes:  Water Quality Community Programming Along the Cedar River";

                     CC.  Valley View Sewer District:  $7,500 for "98168/98188 Water Quality Monitoring";

                     DD.  City of Bellevue Utilities:  $50,000 for "City of Bellevue Watershed Management Plan - Public Engagement Phase 2";

                     EE.  City of Kirkland:  $50,000 for "Kirkland’s Online Watershed Dashboard and Interactive Map";

                     FF.  City of Mercer Island:  $15,000 for "Luther Burbank Park South Shoreline and Trail Restoration - Upland";

                     GG.  City of Redmond:  $55,500 for "Tosh Creek Watershed Street Sweeping for Water Quality";

                     HH.  Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group:  $30,000 for "West Sammamish River Trail Riparian Restoration Phase 2";

                     II.  King County Housing Authority:  $159,500 for "Illahee and Sandpiper East Apartments";

                     JJ.  City of Pacific:  $10,000 for "Pacific Meadows/Hansen PRD Wetland Enhancement";

                     KK.  The Blueline Group:  $90,000 for "Algona Wetland Preserve Socio-ecological and Cultural Assessment, Outreach and Permitting";

                     LL.  Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group:  $55,000 for "Student Action in Streamside Restoration";

                     MM.  Green River Coalition:  $75,000 for "Soos Creek Water Quality Improvement Phase 1";

                     NN.  Just Health Action:  $124,250 for "Engaging Community to Improve Water Quality in the Lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund Site Watershed";

                     OO.  Vashon Nature Center:  $60,000 for "Community Waters 2.0:  Education, Engagement and Stream Monitoring";

                     PP.   Earthcorps:  $60,000 for "Youth Forest Stewards Pilot";

                     QQ.  City of Maple Valley:  $116,000 for "Cedar Downs Water Quality Retrofits";

                     RR.  City of Newcastle:  $80,000 for "S-040 Landcastle Water Quality Improvement Project."