File #: 2015-0403    Version: 1
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 10/12/2015 In control: Committee of the Whole
On agenda: Final action: 10/26/2015
Enactment date: 10/28/2015 Enactment #: 18139
Title: AN ORDINANCE establishing a planning framework to define the process to develop a King County regional 911 strategic plan.
Sponsors: Pete von Reichbauer, Jane Hague, Kathy Lambert, Rod Dembowski, Joe McDermott, Reagan Dunn, Larry Phillips
Indexes: E911, PSAP
Attachments: 1. Ordinance 18139.pdf, 2. 2015-0403_SR_E911 Planning Framework.docx, 3. 2015-0403_Att 1 Proposed_Ordinance.doc
Staff: Resha, John
Clerk 10/12/2015
AN ORDINANCE establishing a planning framework to define the process to develop a King County regional 911 strategic plan.
1. King County's E-911 system is delivered through two integrated functions:
a. The regional systems, infrastructure and databases to route 911 calls, which is delivered through King County E-911 program office; and
b. The dispatch of resources from the police, fire or emergency service agencies, or any combination thereof, which is delivered through public safety answer points ("PSAPs") as determined by local jurisdictions.
2. The King County E-911 system is funded by E-911 excise taxes throughout the county and local PSAP funding.
3. King County distributes a portion of the E-911 excise tax to the local PSAPs to support technology investments and impacts relative to call routing; however, the majority of PSAP funding is provided by their jurisdictions and contract agencies through sources other than the E-911 excise tax.
4. Stewardship of the E-911 system and excise taxes requires balancing of the regional role of the E-911 program office with the role and responsibility of the local PSAPs to ensure that E-911 service is provided throughout the county.
5. The King County E-911 system is facing a number of financial, strategic and technological challenges with the implementation of the Next Generation E-911 technology.
6. The King County council desires to establish, in partnership between the King County E-911 program office and the PSAPs, a King County E-911 strategic plan that will:
a. Collaboratively identify the priorities of the King County E-911 system;
b. Guide the ongoing processes for decision making, funding and implementing those priorities; and
c. Mutually respect the county's regional and PSAPs' local roles and responsibilities within the system.
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