1200 King County  
516 Third Avenue  
Seattle, WA 98104  
King County  
Meeting Agenda  
Transportation, Economy, and  
Environment Committee  
Rod Dembowski, Chair;  
Teresa Mosqueda, Vice Chair;  
Claudia Balducci, Jorge Barón, Pete von Reichbauer,  
Lead Staff: Sherrie Hsu (206-477-7253)  
Committee Clerk: Angelica Calderon (206 477-7470)  
9:30 AM  
Tuesday, June 18, 2024  
Hybrid Meeting  
Hybrid Meetings: Attend King County Council committee meetings in person in Council  
Chambers (Room 1001), 516 3rd Avenue in Seattle, or through remote access. Details on how  
to attend and/or provide comment remotely are listed below.  
Pursuant to K.C.C. 1.24.035 A. and F., this meeting is also noticed as a meeting of the  
Metropolitan King County Council, whose agenda is limited to the committee business. In this  
meeting only the rules and procedures applicable to committees apply and not those  
applicable to full council meetings.  
HOW TO PROVIDE PUBLIC COMMENT: The Transportation, Economy and Environment  
Committee values community input and looks forward to hearing from you on agenda items.  
The Committee will accept public comment on items on today’s agenda in writing. You may do  
so by submitting your written comments to kcccomitt@kingcounty.gov. If your comments are  
submitted before 8:00 a.m. on the day of the meeting, your comments will be distributed to the  
committee members and appropriate staff prior to the meeting.  
King County  
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Printed on 6/10/2024  
HOW TO WATCH/LISTEN TO THE MEETING REMOTELY: There are three ways to watch or  
listen to the meeting:  
into your web browser.  
2) Watch King County TV on Comcast Channel 22 and 322(HD) and Astound Broadband  
Channels 22 and 711(HD).  
3) Listen to the meeting by telephone.  
Dial: 1 253 215 8782  
Webinar ID: 892 6924 2617  
To help us manage the meeting, please use the Livestream or King County TV options listed  
above, if possible, to watch or listen to the meeting.  
Call to Order  
Roll Call  
Approval of Minutes  
Minutes of May 21, 2024 meeting.  
A MOTION confirming the executive's appointment of the Honorable Amy Lam, councilmember, city  
of Sammamish, who resides in council district three, to the King County solid waste advisory  
committee, filling the local elected public official position.  
Terra Rose, Council staff  
King County  
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Printed on 6/10/2024  
A MOTION acknowledging receipt of the 2024 public benefit rating system report as required by the  
2023-2024 Biennial Budget Ordinance, Ordinance 19546, Section 79, as amended by 19633,  
Section 58, Proviso P1.  
Brandi Paribello, Council staff  
Metro General Manager Briefing  
Michelle Allison, Director, Metro Transit Department  
Discussion and Possible Action  
A MOTION related to public transportation, approving the King County Metro Agency Safety Plan  
2024, in accordance with the Federal Transit Administration's Public Transportation Agency Safety  
Plan regulations and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.  
First Reading and Referral to the Transportation, Economy, and Environment Committee  
Mary Bourguignon, Council staff  
King County  
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Printed on 6/10/2024  
Metro Zero Emission Work and Electrification Audit  
Mary Bourguignon, Council staff  
Ben Thompson, Audit Director, King County Auditor's Office  
Luc Poon, Principal Management Auditor, King County Auditor's Office  
Elise Garvey, Principal Management Auditor, King County Auditor's Office  
Mark Ellerbrook, Director, Capital Division, Metro Transit Department  
Huoi Trieu, Strategic Planning Manager II, Metro Transit Department  
Salmon Recovery Briefing  
Janne Kaje, Regional Partnerships Unit Supervisor, WLRD, DNRP  
Elissa Ostergaard, WRIA 7 Salmon Recovery Manager, WLRD, DNRP  
Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz, WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Manager, WLRD, DNRP  
Matt Goehring, WRIA 9 Salmon Recovery Manager, WLRD, DNRP  
Alison Agness, Kokanee Recovery Manager, WLRD, DNRP  
Chris Gregersen, Environmental Scientist, WLRD, DNRP  
Other Business  
King County  
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Printed on 6/10/2024