1200 King County  
King County  
516 Third Avenue  
Seattle, WA 98104  
Meeting Agenda  
Board of Health  
Metropolitan King County Councilmembers:  
Teresa Mosqueda, Chair; Jorge Barón, Reagan Dunn; Alternate: Sarah Perry  
City of Seattle Members:  
Joy Hollingsworth, Robert Kettle, Sara Nelson  
Alternate: Bruce Harrell  
Sound Cities Association Members:  
Heather Koellen, RN, BSN, CCRN, Vice Chair; Penny Sweet  
Alternates: Amy Lam, Cheryl Rakes  
Public Health, Facilities, and Providers:  
Butch de Castro, PhD, MSN/MPH, RN, FAAN; Lisa Chew, MD, MPH; Katherine Gudgel, MS;  
Alternate: Patricia Egwuatu, DO  
Consumers of Public Health:  
Quiana Daniels, BS, RN, LPN, Vice Chair; Robin Narruhn, PhD, MN, RN;  
Alternate: Mustafa Mohammed, MBCHB, MHP, AAC  
Community Stakeholders:  
Christopher Archiopoli, Victor Loo  
Alternate: Francoise Milinganyo  
American Indian Health Commission:  
Esther Lucero (Diné), MPP; Alternate: Abigail Echo-Hawk (Pawnee), MA  
Dr. Faisal Khan, Director, Seattle-King County Department of Public Health  
Staff: Joy Carpine-Cazzanti, Board Administrator - KCBOHAdmin@kingcounty.gov  
1:00 PM  
Thursday, June 20, 2024  
Hybrid Meeting  
Hybrid Meetings: Attend Board of Health meetings in person in Council Chambers (Room  
1001), 516 3rd Avenue in Seattle, or through remote access. Details on how to attend and/or  
provide public comment remotely are listed below.  
King County  
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1. In person: You may attend the meeting in person in Council Chambers.  
2. Remote attendance on the Zoom Webinar: You may provide oral public comment at the  
meeting by connecting to the meeting via phone or computer using the ZOOM application at  
Join by Telephone  
Dial: US : +1 253 215 8782  
Meeting ID: 836 2614 2088  
If you do not wish to provide public comment, please help us manage the callers by using one  
of the options below to watch or listen to the meeting.  
HOW TO WATCH/LISTEN TO THE MEETING: There are two ways to watch or listen in to the  
into your web browser.  
2) Watch King County TV on Comcast Channel 22 and 322(HD) and Astound Broadband  
Channels 22 and 711(HD).  
Call to Order  
Roll Call  
Announcement of Any Alternates Serving in Place of Regular Members  
Approval of Minutes of May 16, 2024  
Public Comments  
Chair's Report  
Director's Report  
King County  
Printed on 6/5/2024  
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Board of Health membership and recruitment  
Joy Carpine-Cazzanti, Board of Health Administrator, Public Health -- Seattle & King County  
Board of Health Homelessness and Health Workgroup Update  
Teresa Mosqueda, Board of Health Chair  
Quiana Daniels, Board of Health Vice Chair  
Heather Koellen, Board of Health Vice Chair  
Victor Loo, Boardmember  
Christopher Archiopoli, Boardmember  
Katherine Gudgel, Boardmember  
Jorge Barón, Boardmember  
Mustafa Mohammed, Alternate Boardmember  
Francoise Milinganyo, Alternate Boardmember  
Nuclear radiation health effects  
Robin Narruhn, Board of Health member  
Sean Arent, Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program Manager, Washington Physicians for Social  
Dr. Ira Helfand, International Steering Group Member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear  
Weapons (ICAN)  
Board Member Updates  
Other Business  
If you have questions or need additional information about this agenda, please call (206)  
263-0365, or write to Joy Carpine-Cazzanti, Board of Health Administrator via email at  
King County  
Printed on 6/5/2024  
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