1200 King County  
King County  
516 Third Avenue  
Seattle, WA 98104  
Meeting Agenda  
Regional Transit Committee  
Teresa Mosqueda, Chair  
Jorge BarĂ³n, Dave Upthegrove  
Sound Cities Association:  
Joseph Cimaomo Jr., Vice Chair; Covington; Barbara de Michele, Issaquah;  
Susan Honda, Federal Way; Ryan McIrvin, Renton; Betsy Robertson, Shoreline;  
Katherine Ross, Snoqualmie, Toni Troutner, Kent; Janice Zahn, Bellevue  
Alternates: Neal Black, Kirkland; Paul Charbonneau, Newcastle;  
JC Harris, Des Moines; Karen Howe, Sammamish  
City of Seattle:  
Joy Hollingsworth, Rob Saka  
Alternate: Robert Kettle  
Lead Staff: Mary Bourguignon (206-263-3296)  
Committee Clerk: Marka Steadman (206-477-0887)  
3:00 PM  
Wednesday, June 19, 2024  
Hybrid Meeting  
Pursuant to K.C.C. 1.24.035 A. and F., this Cancellation Notice is also noticed as a cancellation of the  
Metropolitan King County Council, whose agenda is limited to the committee business.  
The June 19, 2024, meeting of the Regional Transit Committee is cancelled.  
King County  
Printed on 5/16/2024  
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