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King County  
516 Third Avenue  
Seattle, WA 98104  
Meeting Agenda  
Regional Water Quality Committee  
Claudia Balducci, Chair  
Reagan Dunn, Dave Upthegrove  
Sound Cities Association: Conrad Lee, Bellevue, Vice Chair; Sarah Moore, Burien;  
Laura Mork, Shoreline; Jessica Rossman, Medina  
Alternates: Kelli Curtis, Kirkland; Yolanda Trout Manuel, Auburn  
Sewer/Water Districts: Chuck Clarke, Woodinville Water District; Lloyd Warren, Sammamish Plateau Water  
Alternate: Ryika Hooshangi, Sammamish Plateau Water  
City of Seattle: Joy Hollingsworth, Robert Kettle  
Alternate: Rob Saka  
Lead Staff: Jenny Giambattista (206-477-0879)  
Committee Clerk: Blake Wells (206-263-1617)  
3:00 PM  
Wednesday, April 3, 2024  
Hybrid Meeting  
Hybrid Meetings: Attend the King County Council committee meetings in person in Council  
Chambers (Room 1001), 516 3rd Avenue in Seattle, or through remote access. Details on how  
to attend and/or to provide comment remotely are listed below.  
Pursuant to K.C.C. 1.24.035 A. and F., this meeting is also noticed as a meeting of the  
Metropolitan King County Council, whose agenda is limited to the committee business. In this  
meeting only the rules and procedures applicable to committees apply and not those  
applicable to full council meetings.  
HOW TO PROVIDE PUBLIC COMMENT: The Regional Water Quality Committee values  
community input and looks forward to hearing from you on agenda items.  
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Printed on 4/1/2024  
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The Committee will accept public comment on items on today’s agenda in writing. You may do  
so by submitting your written comments to kcccomitt@kingcounty.gov. If your comments are  
submitted before 1:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting, your comments will be distributed to the  
committee members and appropriate staff prior to the meeting.  
HOW TO WATCH/LISTEN TO THE MEETING REMOTELY: There are three ways to watch or  
listen to the meeting:  
into your web browser.  
2) Watch King County TV on Comcast Channel 22 and 322(HD) and Astound Broadband  
Channels 22 and 711(HD).  
3) Listen to the meeting by telephone.  
Dial: 1 253 215 8782  
Webinar ID: 827 1536 1574  
To help us manage the meeting, please use the Livestream or King County TV options listed  
above, if possible, to watch or listen to the meeting.  
Call to Order  
Roll Call  
Approval of Minutes  
March 6, 2024 meeting minutes  
Chair's Report  
MWPAAC Report  
John McClellan, Chair, MWPAAC  
Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) Report  
Kamuron Gurol, Director, Wastewater Treatment Division, Department of Natural Resources and Parks  
King County  
Printed on 4/1/2024  
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Regional Wastewater Services Plan Update  
Jim Simmonds, Combined System and Utility Planning Supervisor, Wastewater Treatment Division,  
Wastewater Treatment Division Long-Term Capital Forecasting Methodology Recommendation  
Crystal Fleet, Capital Portfolio Planning and Analysis Unit Manager, Wastewater Treatment Division,  
Overview of the policies that determine how regional wastewater system costs are shared and the  
sewer rate and capacity charge are structured  
Courtney Black, Finance & Administration Section Manager, Wastewater Treatment Division, DNRP  
Discussion and Possible Action  
A RESOLUTION expressing the regional water quality committee's interest in the sewer rate and  
capacity charge and requesting the metropolitan water pollution abatement advisory committee  
continue performing a technical review of the annual sewer rate and capacity charge  
Jenny Giambattista, Council staff  
2024 Regional Water Quality Committee (RWQC) Work Plan  
Jenny Giambattista, Council staff  
King County  
Printed on 4/1/2024  
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Other Business  
King County  
Printed on 4/1/2024  
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